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WELCOME TO "Holy angels public school"

In 2022 our country is going to complete 75 years of Independence so to make our country literal we have to do following things. First of all we have to make discipline and rule in the school to make students on time. We have enough attention to the quality aspect of Education while Enrollment, Attendance and Completion are important. It is paramount that every child gets a high quality education to determine if that is indeed happening. We need to focus on learning outcomes and constantly keep testing to make our school good.
In this reference our school prepares students to understand contribute to and succeed in rapidly changing society and thus make the world a better more just place. We will ensure that our students develop both the skills a sound liberal arts education and the competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative economy. We will also lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge that enables people to better understand our world and improves conditions for local and global communities. We will establish the school where design and social research drive approaches to studying issue of our time such as democracy, urbanization technological change, economy improvement and globalization. We will be the preeminent intellectual and creative centre for effective engagement in world that increasingly demands better designed objects, communication, system and organization to meet social needs. Our goals should be –

Creative innovation and a desire to challenge the status in what and how we teach and in intellectual ambitions of the school itself.

Students’ academic experience helps them to become critically engaged citizens dedicated in solving problems.

We will fulfill our mission by extending the school legacy as a non-traditional college and community.

Our school will focus on and engage with critical contemporary issues with collaborative, project based learning.

Our school has a big library having various types of books concerning education with all facilities. So it is expected that in the next three years the school will improve reading habits of students at all the stages.

Our school has spacious and airy classrooms equipped with CCTV camera, big playground, Genset and RO – water facility.

Our School has bus facility with CCTV camera.
Our school is trying to have a class library with other learning resources for hands-on-experiences in the next three years.
The school will develop student friendly, fear-free environment to enhance regularity. It will improve the learning levels to at least 60-80% in three years and 100% by 2022.
The school will prepare the health profile of every child.
We try our best to make literate the persons living nearby community every year.
So we hope that by 2022. Our school will achieve 100% literacy in the nearby community utilizing school resources.
Every year our school has plantation activity and students are inspired for creative environmental awareness. So it is expected that by 2022, the school will achieve plantation of 2000 trees plants in the area where it is located creating environmental awareness among students and sensitizing the community members.

The school will create a mechanism to provide training to all children from class VIII onwards in a skill area which has utility in the local community and in the wider world of work.

Few word from Administration

Dr. Mantosh Kumar Srivastav

The Director

Director Message

Dear parents and children,

Today there is a great competition in all sectors, when parameters of excellence have shifted so high then you never take it lightly, but in the pressure of competition students have lose their concentration and it is not good for their future and their desired goal.Dear parents and children,

At our school a unique approach is follow towards learning by teaching experts who are capable to understand and judge the inherent strength of our students to have a better vision towards their future and come up with their hidden talent. Our focus is to provide the best of quality education that enrich them with a strong foundation in life skills to uphold the traditional Indian value. The true Indian values like honesty, non-violence, sympathy and truthfulness to help them to be a future leader in every aspect of life.

We provide a challenging and stimulating environment so that the children can enjoy all aspects of their learning. The children here are offered multiple opportunities to express themselves through class discussions, school council and clubs related to debate, theatre and environment. Through this our school has always has widespread interest in the sphere of quality education with a commitment to excellence.

We look forward to a safe, healthy, positively, intellectually challenging and enjoyable learning environment so that students can match their steps with this fastest growing technological era.


Mr.  Nayab Khan Sir

The Principal

The Principal Message

In this fastest changing era it is very crucial role of preparing leaders in life who can be set for service to the nation. Our school is always encouraged to accept this responsibility for self dependent and self discipline to develop the future of India and prepare the best human for society.

We make our infrastructure world class and make learning enjoyable and interesting for our students. Our dedicated faculty is also committed to provide a unique, safe and smart environment which maximizes the quality of education. We also realize that parents are also play a vital role for their children’s success and this is the main factor for maximizes the quality of education, so we always make healthy relation with parents and aware them time to time for their kids.

Thus, we all together at our school endeavor to create a small scared place in this world which carries so much affection, magnetism and grandeur to filter out and magnify all living being of this world.


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  • The school is very up to the mark . All the facilities are available for students to grow and enhance their skills.

    Anand Sharma
  • You have a miracle going on here, and we love being a part of it.

    Says From

Holy angels public school

C.C. Road (Near Sugar Mill) Deoria (UP)India Pin code: 274001

9415277816, +91-9415277816 ,

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